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Himawari-8/9 Real-time Web Application

The Asia and Oceania area is frequently damaged by natural phenomena such as tropical cyclones, torrential monsoons, volcanic eruptions, yellow sand storms, floods, sea ice and wildfires. Roles of real-time monitoring of the climate and environment is thus getting important. In this area, meteorological satellite, Himawari-8/9, provides us with observational information for disaster prevention and climate monitoring.

Against these background, JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) launched a new satellite, Himawari-8. in 2014. The big-data yielded by the satellite are processed almost in real-time and gets open through 4 facilities in Japan. The NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) is one of the four facilities; The NICT Science Cloud plays a central role of crawling, transfer, processing, visualizing and operating visualized data through an web application. This web application works not only on PC (Windows or Macintosh), but on smart-phone or slate PC (Android or iOS). The basic concept of this application is “get real-time climate view anywhere and anytime.”

For available uses of this web application for Asia-Oceania people, we need many helps from countries in this area. Multi-language design, data and information exchange, demonstration and auto-reaching, and research works are crucial. I kicked off “The Asia-Oceania Online Users Forum: Himawari Real-time Web Application” to collaborate each other to develop this web application.

Send e-mail to the office whoever you are has an idea to cooperate with us, especially to join our multi-language project of the Himawari real-time web application. What is expected to you is to translate our application (messages showing up on the terminal) into your native language. Your name will be listed in Members List and Himawari8/9-WebUsersForum Mailing List (Himawari8-WebUsersForum Take a look of the multi-language project if you are interested in.

Download an Excel file and fill the blanks (or correct words). Edited Excel file should be sent to us ( Himawari8-WebUsersForum by e-mail.

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National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Integrated Science Data System Research Laboratory
NICT Science Cloud Director
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